Teaching at Nashville Notes

We are excited to announce that our founders, Steve & Shawn, have been added to the esteemed faculty at Nashville Notes, a very impressive homeschool fine arts program located here in Music City USA. The school meets once a week on Tuesdays and features a wide assortments of ensembles and private instruction, including multiple choirs, concert bands, jazz band, worship band, drum-line, music theory, and much more. If you home school in and around the Nashville area, this is the place to be. Registration is now open for fall 2021! Check it out here.

In addition to accompanying for all choirs, Shawn is excited to be teaching the language of music to all middle and high school students who participate in ensembles during a special class called M&T (Musicianship & Theory). She will also be teaching a more in-depth theory class for those who want to dive a little deeper.

Steve will be teaching introductory acoustic and electric guitar, as well as heading up the worship band which include instructional time and practical application. Each week subjects will cover the many aspects of worship leading, items such as knowing what to play, re-arrangement, leadership, tone development, and basic theology of worship. Students will participate in smaller ensembles as well as a large group throughout this very exciting course.

Check out all that Nashville Notes has to offer at nashvillenotes.org