72% Cocoa: A Practical Guide For Intense Worship

September 25, 2020

Learn How To Worship

We are excited to tell you about a great resource from our founders, Steve & Shawn, that is designed to help anyone learn how to effectively worship God. With their usual humor and down to earth examples they dive into what God wants from us and how to experience the amazing benefits of being close Him. This book is designed for everyone, from first-time church attenders all the way to seasoned worship leaders. So regardless of whether or not your musically inclined or know a lot about the Bible, be sure to get your copy to today and get ready to experience the best that God has to offer.

Available in Print, eBook, and AudioBook from Amazon.com and eBook and AudioBook from Apple Books, as well as from many other vendors! Look for it where you buy books! Check out the sample below!