Interview w/ Jonathan & Melissa Helser

We wanted to share with you our conversation with Jonathan and Melissa Helser about their latest release with Bethel Music entitled Revival’s In the Air. They also shared how they stay connected with a church that is thousands of miles away and reveal the secret to how they obtained their distinctive voices. Play in[…]

How Many Singers Should You Have?

Today we return from a long hiatus to answer a recent question of, “how many singers should you have each service?” We will discuss why many vocalists struggle to hear themselves and what factors are important to consider when determining what number is right for you. Join us! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe:[…]

Dreams in Peru

We have been having an amazing time in Arequipa, Peru and have been ministering in Spanish at the Bible School, in the church, and helping teach and make a recording. Some of the theme of the week has been about the God given dream that is in your heart and how God loves to do[…]

Greetings From Peru

We are here in Arequipa, Peru on our first ever official Music & Ministry missions trip. Today we share how things have been going, some funny things we have seen, and talk about what God is doing here and throughout the world. Thanks for helping us get here and for your prayers. Play in[…]

Vocalist Audition/Evaluation: Part 2

Today we are continuing our conversation about the benefits of an audition/eval. This episode focuses on why some singers though they struggle on stage might actually have an environment problem and how to develop muscle memory to sing on pitch every time. A short episode that is filled with valuable information. Play in new[…]