Take Heart: Christmas Eve is Important


It’s getting down to it. The last few days and weeks before Christmas can be a stressful time for worship teams across the planet. It’s a season of learning a lot of special music, extra rehearsals, and high expectations. But even in the throws of all that comes with this special time of year, I want to encourage you today that what you are doing is important.christmas_stats

Some shocking statistics by LifeWay Christian Research show that 47% of American households attend some sort of religious service on Christmas Eve and that 94% of those people say the music is the reason that they want to go. Wow and double WOW! Worship leaders, team members, and pastors it is an amazing thought that we can reach half of our friends, neighbors, and our community through these songs that can, at times, be so challenging to pull together during an already busy time of life.

So this week as you are preparing and practicing, keep the faces of the people you will be ministering to be in your mind and in your heart. Let it stir you to pickup your instrument and practice a little more and be the motivation to push past the challenging moments, because there is a greater cause than just checking off Christmas on our departments’ calendar of events. There are people who need a touch from Heaven that will be looking to you and I…let’s give them Jesus.


 You’re amazing by the way (in case you needed a reminder).