Champion MainStage Patch

Check out this sweet MainStage patch for the Bethel Music song Champion by Dante Bowe. Made with all stock sounds this patch allows you to get the distinctive sounds of this song. Check out the video for a walkthrough and purchase your patch in the download section.

Spotify Playlist

Finding a new song can take a lot of work. In oder to help those looking for the next great anthem for their church to proclaim we have started a playlist of new worship songs we think would be good to lead at church. Follow the playlist and you’ll be able to follow along as[…]

Interview w/ Jonathan & Melissa Helser

We wanted to share with you our conversation with Jonathan and Melissa Helser about their latest release with Bethel Music entitled Revival’s In the Air. They also shared how they stay connected with a church that is thousands of miles away and reveal the secret to how they obtained their distinctive voices. Play in[…]

Worship and Missions

I like to imagine that the reason I feel called to the Spanish speaking population of the world is that during a small meeting in heaven, someone asked, “Who should we send to South America?” To which someone responded, “You know what would be funny? Is if we sent someone really tall and white who[…]