What’s ‘In’ In Electric Guitars

It’s a fact, styles change. What’s cool, hip, neat, awesome, or totally rad shapes our hairdos, our impressions of hammer pants, and even our sock lengths. Today we take a look at the latest electric guitar trends.

  1. Hollow – Whether semi-hollow or fully hollow, people today want their to be space on the inside of their guitar. Maybe it’s because the sound is a bit brighter or they just want the look of a hole in the shape of a cursive ‘f’ on their guitar.

  2. Telecaster – For years it seemed to just be the scrawny little brother of the dominant Stratacaster in the Fender guitar family.  But little brother has grown up and is flexing it’s muscle.

  3. Thinline Archtop – Big and also hollow these guitars resemble the love child of a guitar and a cello.

  4. Bigsby – Not the actual guitar brand or a model but rather the vintage looking tremolo system. Which is basically a fancy spring loaded whammy bar that is really more about the look than the function.

  5. Any Combination of the Above – The more of these you can combine into one guitar the better. An Archtopped, hollow body, with a Bigsby or a semi-hollow telecaster with a Bigsby is indeed the trifecta.