How Much Should Worship Leaders Talk

It’s really awkward when people say too much or too little in a worship service. In todays episode we cover a few of the reasons why you should even be talking in the first place and then, more importantly, we will give you a lot of tips on how to do it well. On a side note, we recognize the irony of having a slightly longer podcast about how not to talk too much.


Here is the song intro transcript as promised:

You know the other day when I was getting ready for the day and I was just doing what I always do.  Trying to figure out what to wear and so I began to search for the perfect outfit. Which I never seem to have no matter how many things I have in my closet. As I was rummaging through my stuff I came across my old pair of running shoes and it made me think about how much I used to love running. I used to run, a lot, but now sadly I don’t at all.  Too busy, I guess, or too tired from work, well I have a lot of reasons but it got me thinking about if I’m doing the same thing with God. Am I walking after God or running after Him? Or has the busyness of life pushed my spiritual running shoes to the back of my closet? Well, this morning we are going to sing a song about running for God and I would encourage you to take a look at your spiritual feet today and see what kind of shoes you have on.  Running shoes, loafers, or work boots? Ok here we go.