Musical Languages: Lost In Translation

Just like there are many different spoken languages in the world there are also many different musical languages. Today we discuss how even simple tasks can be quite difficult when you don’t understand and the funny ways we try to communicate that can all be avoided when we find common ground. Related Article:  Lost In Translation:[…]

Songwriting: The Track Person

There are usually three kinds of people in the room for a co-write.  The lyricist, a melody person, and the track person. Today we take a quick look at how having someone adding sounds to the sonic landscape can inspire a melody and direct lyrics in ways that might otherwise be impossible. Play in[…]

Practical Differences In Traditional & Contemporary Services

There are some simple but powerful differences in style and approach between traditional and contemporary services.  Today we get down to the practical root differences when it comes to music & worship. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS